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Are water issues creating problems for you? Are they making it hard to live comfortably in your home? If you have a plumbing leak, it is important to get professional help right away whether the leak is in your water heater or from a burst pipe somewhere in your home. The longer you allow water leaks to continue, the more likely it is that you could face problems such as structural damage, mold formation, and health hazards. At My Sylmar Plumber Hero, we care about our customers and we want you to live in a home that is watertight and dry. This is why we offer a variety of leak detection services that find leaks fast at affordable rates.

The Dreaded Slab Leak

Slab leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is because these leaks have a reputation for being particularly destructive and expensive to repair. Usually, this is because homeowners were unaware of the problem or ignored signs that a leak was present. The best way to defend your home against a slab leak is to recognize signs of a problem. Here are common signs associated with slab leaks:

  • Sudden increases in your water bill
  • Soggy floors or puddles
  • Hot spots caused by a damaged hot water line
  • Cracks in your flooring, walls, and even ceiling
  • Sounds of running water even when the water is turned off

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it is imperative to call for professional assistance right away to stop the situation from worsening.

Ask about Our Electronic Leak Detection Services

Our contractors detect slab leaks using electronic leak detection methods. All of the local, certified leak detection specialists we partner with use the latest equipment to find below ground leaks fast without tearing up your concrete slab or yard. These non-invasive methods make it possible to locate the source of the leak and determine a cause quickly. Electronic leak detection methods also save money. Because we don’t break your slab, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of making unnecessary repairs.

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